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Mastic Siding

Mastic Siding

Mastic Siding in Houston, TX

Mastic Home Exteriors is the premier brand in the Ply Gem family of building products. They continue to deliver the same quality and innovation you’ve come to expect for more than 70 years. We carry all Mastic products, which are made in America and compliant with Buy American requirements.
Types of Windows:

Mastic offers 3000, 4000, and 5000 Series Replacement Windows. These three series offer some of the same qualities.

• Custom sizing is made to order to ensure a perfect fit.
• Design Pressure (DP) Certified to meet the air, water, and structure requirements.
• Warm Edge Glass Spacer System reduces the thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by using a unique U-shape channel to separate glass panes. It’s one continuous piece, which creates energy-efficient insulated glass.
• New Generation Vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear and tear compared to wood or metal windows. The Mastic Windows are ideal because they’re maintenance free, low conductivity, high energy-efficiency properties, and the vinyl color will not chip or craze.
• Sillock is built with a slope that forces the water to drain to the exterior of the window. This keeps your new windows dry and ensures a tight weather strip.
Types of Siding:

• Mill Creek Siding is low maintenance, provides long term weather durability, withstands wind speeds up to 165mph, and has over 13 colors to choose from.
• Structure EPS Insulated Siding can allow 30 percent in noise reduction, withstands wind speeds up to 190mph, and is energy efficient.
• Quest Siding is available in long lengths, withstands winds up to 240mph, and comes in over 35 colors.
• Carvedwood 44 Siding is low maintenance, durable, withstands winds up to 200 mph, has 23 color options, and a choice between a wood grain and a smooth finish.
• Built to withstand the tough Texas climate.
• Insulates 10 times better than fiber cement siding.
• Structure siding gives the look of real wood. Plus, you never have to paint it.
• Lifetime limited warranty.
• Mill Creek and Structure EPS Insulated Siding does not contain silica.

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