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Window Replacements

Window Replacements

Replacement Windows in Houston, TX

If your windows are damaged beyond repair or have simply seen their better days, it might be time to consider window replacement. Allstate Siding & Windows offers a variety of windows, suitable for each home and homeowner’s individual needs and tastes. If you’re unsure what type of windows would be best for your home, one of our professionals would be happy to discuss your needs with you to determine the best solution. Once you have picked the perfect window for your home, we will come and install it for you as well. Our list below outlines all the different types of energy-efficient replacement windows that we offer.

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Helpful Information
• Houses built before 1990 lose heat and cold air infiltration.
• They were made with aluminum frames; however, vinyl frames are 10 times more energy efficient.
• Texas Low E coats have a higher quality today than in 2003 because technology is more advanced.
• The advance coating provides a shade to the glass, which helps prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the house. This reduces the amount of heat entering the house.
• Silver oxide is a fine silver over the glass that reflects the ultraviolet rays.

When you are ready to make the switch to energy-efficient windows, contact Allstate Siding & Windows in Houston, TX! Our window experts will help you every step of the way, from choosing the right fit for your home, to completing the entire window installation process.
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